"The witty, bespectacled musician made one thing abundantly clear--he sounds better playing alone, than most people do with a full band. He is a vocal chameleon and an agile finger-picker who makes each note a masterpiece."              -- The Communicator, Spokane Falls Comm. College

"Eric really captured the audience with his beautiful voice and witty humor. I have never seen a performance where someone from the audience got up and poured the performer a glass of water just so the show would last longer!"         -- Heather M. Rasch, Human Affairs Chair, Idaho State University

"Rarely do we get to see a performer of Eric's caliber in such an intimate environment. Never have I seen a show where the audience gets to pick the playlist, and the artist is so concerned with their approval and enjoyment. Eric conveyed this to our audience and they were overwhelmed with the performance."
              -- Richard Dornberger, Coordinator of Activities, Lewis & Clark State College

"His tenor voice is easy on the ears, his acoustic guitar work sensitive and adept. Solo acts are very hard to pull off, but Eric manages it because of his skill and style."                       --  Inside Blues Magazine, Dean Davis

"Eric totally disarmed them with his comfortable personality, his original material and his willingness and ability to play what the audience wanted. From the time he began, until he was done, he had the audience hooked."                             --Scott Drummond, Director of Campus Life,  Central Washington University

"Eric is the nicest guitar player I've ever known."         -- Eric's mom, Fayetteville, NC

"I believe Eric's large student appeal is a result of his interactive entertainment style. I have encountered many entertainers that may be great musicians, but they lack appeal. It is nice to see a quality musician that does more than just play music, but truly entertains."      -- James Fleming, Associated Dean of Students, George Fox College

"Eric's considerable and broad talent, which crosses both the years and a wide range of musical tastes was immediately apparent. I was most impressed by his ability to relate to the audience."
                -- Robert L. Fretz, First Secretary & Consul, US Embassy, Denmark

"I have yet to find another such versatile, talented, and pleasant performer. Eric is a consummate professional!"             -- Stephanie Ennis, Coordinator of Activities, Eastern Washington University

I wanted to reach out and tell you thank you so much for making our wedding day truly one of the best days of our lives! Our day would not have been the same without you. You are an absolutely fantastic musician and I feel so lucky that you were able to play at our wedding. We really appreciate you playing at the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. We got a ton of comments about how much you added to our day. You were definitely a huge hit! We are forever grateful!

— Katie Kom, Whidbey Island, WA

"He can make one acoustic guitar sound like a whole band!  -- Mark LaMoreaux, The Kingpins

"Eric E. is a fine guitarist with a great feel, imaginative harmonic sense and an attractive voice--check him out!"          -- Greg Yasinitsky, Director of Jazz Studies &  world-renowned saxophonist at Washington State University

"Eric E’s musical range is amazing. A highly skilled guitarist, his hard-hitting fast and furious style kept the stage vibrating long after he’d finished his licks. Eric established a rapport with the audience right from the beginning…it was easy to see he wanted the evening to belong to the audience, not himself."
                  --  The Argonaut, University of Idaho

"Outstanding musicianship, thoroughly professional…he knows how to read an audience and play what they want to hear. Super personality!"              -- Pat Thompson, Director of PET, Green River Comm. College

"Many performers have obvious talent but often lack the ability to involve the audience. Eric, on the other hand, has a strong combination of talent, showmanship, and humor that clearly shows. Eric plays songs that the audience wants to hear, structuring his routine around random requests from the audience. It isn’t often that a performer is so at ease with the audience or the audience so at ease with the performer."
               -- Tammy Mueller, Director, St. Martin’s Colleges

An extraordinary performer and very easy to work with— a great combination welcomed by any events planner!” — Dr. Nido Qubein, President, High Point University

"From the first beat of his guitar, Eric has your attention and never lets it go!"
               -- Gayle Erwin, International speaker and author

"Eric's voice is as pure as clear water. His guitar playing sounds like two people playing!  You've got to hear this! It was a great pleasure to work with him."               -- Dan Seals (England Dan & John Ford Coley)