The challenge in showcasing Eric E. is that he does such a huge variety of styles, that you can't listen to one or two and think you have him figured out.  He does gorgeous acoustic ballads, high-energy rock and blues, sensitive jazz, etc. etc.   On these demo tunes, when you hear harmony, and two guitars at once-- Eric actually does this live by use of loops and a harmonizer effect.  This is how he sounds live.

Here are a few examples, audio & video:

This is a montage of old video clips of Eric E over the years-- Off of European TV shows, etc. (hence the poor resolution) The audio was unable to be synced. It is difficult to show the range and versatility of Eric E.'s repertoire, so bear with the quick cuts-- 3min doesn't even do the job. When you hear harmony and lead guitar, yes-- Eric does this live with a harmonizer and a looper.

Horrible production, but showcases Eric's improvisational skills on a high-energy blues