Eric E. is a dynamic performer with a unique ability to engage his audience and make them feel personally involved. With only an acoustic guitar and a clear tenor voice,  he performs songs that are remembered and loved by listeners of all ages, as well as penetrating original numbers. Eric desires to communicate on a deep level, transparently sharing his spirituality, life experiences, hopes and fears, in a spontaneous, candid, and often humorous way that plants itself deeply in the memory of each listener.

Eric E. does not use drum machines or synthesized backup parts, just the pure unplugged sound of his voice and guitar, which listeners often comment “sounds like a whole band’.  Eric employs amazingly smooth looping and effects that leave an audience entranced.  He enjoys letting his listeners take a concert in whatever direction they wish, instantly adapting an evening’s playlist to the tastes and requests of that particular audience.  He engages and thrills audiences with his signature Pick-A-Year game, where he tells the audience to shout out a year and he plays a hit song from that year [VENUES: It is best not to advertise the pick-a-year game, as the effect is MUCH better when it is a surprise for the audience].  The variety, humor, participation and memories that ensue, make Eric beloved by fans of all ages.

Music has been Eric's main passion ever since the 6th grade, where a marvelous teacher inspired his students by playing for them and offering them free guitar lessons.  His first year in college, at age 17, Eric joined a band-- and, when he saw the way that his original songs could inspire and give joy to people, he knew his life's calling. Since then, Eric E. has been a true blue-collar musician, doing 250 shows a year for 17 yrs, and over 100 a year since then.

Eric E. did his first paying gig in 1979, and was off to college, where he performed for years with a four-piece rock band doing original music.  From 1985 to 1991 Eric traveled Europe and Japan performing solo in colleges, high schools, clubs, coffeehouses and festivals. He performed 250 shows a year, for 17 years straight... and, then backed it off a little, but still performs full-time.  He has performed on prime-time TV in Holland, Denmark and Poland, and has performed for thousands at European music festivals, such as Flevo, Opstand, Roskilde, Maata Nakavyssa. Eric performed with the vocal jazz group, Soundsation, at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, and the North Sea Jazz Festival.  Eric has shared the stage with acts such as Jay Leno, Styx, The Little River Band, Air Supply, Bobby McFerrin, Dan Seals, Candlebox, Eric Bibb, Phil Keaggy, The Afters, Sanctus Real, Shawn McDonald, DC Talk, Randy Stonehill, Larry Norman, Daryl Mansfield, Larry Howard, Glenn Kaiser, The Violet Burning, Susan Ashton, Bryan Duncan, Bill Mize, The Kry, Annie Herring,  and many others. With the Chad Bramlet Band he opened for Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, Lonestar, Chris Young, and more.

Audience’s have enjoyed Eric’s original songs, buying over 30,000 of his albums at performances. His fourth album, with Whitestone Records of Los Angeles, ”Lead Me To Life”, was released internationally, and it features special guests John Patitucci (Chick Corea Band), and Phil Keaggy. It received airplay across the U.S. and in Holland and Denmark.

Eric E. is endorsed by Breedlove Guitars, QSC Audio, 1964 Ears, TC Electronic, John Pearse Strings, Lee Oscar Harmonicas, and Airwalk, . He plays a Breedlove C-1 Maple acoustic ( the 108th guitar Breedlove made ) with Sunrise, LR Baggs, & Barcus Berry pickups.,

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