"I know Eric Engerbretson to be a man of integrity who is firmly committed to the artful balance of music and ministry."    — Phil Keaggy

“I have jammed with many amazing artists, sat spellbound at plenty of shows. Eric E. is near the top of my personal list of brilliant musicians you just have to hear to believe.” — Glenn Kaiser, Resurrection Band, GKB

"Eric is a versatile songwriter and an excellent guitarist with energy and passion that powerfully deliver the music to his audience."    — Randy Stonehill

"Eric Engerbretson is one phenomenal guitarist! He enhances the blues tradition with the gospel in an enticing unplugged presentation."    — Bryan Duncan

"In my life and career I've been lucky a lot of exceedingly great musicians, but I have to say, great people are harder to come by. Eric tops the list on both accounts. He is a generous encourager and a truth-teller. I'm blessed to count him a friend."    — Buck Storm

"From the first beat of his guitar Eric has your attention and he never lets it go. I always enjoy him!"   

         — Gayle Erwin

"Eric has mastered the art of solo performance. Armed with nothing more than a guitar, his wits, and passionate love for God, he is one of the most entertaining performers I've ever encountered."    —Jim Cole

------ ABOUT ERIC E.  ------

Eric E. is a talented singer and guitarist with a strong desire to spread the Gospel of Christ. His driving acoustic sound touches on many styles, and is especially rhythmic. To prepare for his work Eric received a Biblical Studies degree from the Lutheran Bible Institute of Seattle and completed three years of college music study. Eric has performed in 49 of the United States and 19 countries around the world. From 1985 to 1991 Eric traveled Europe using music, testimony and apologetics to share Christ in the public schools. He has worked extensively with organizations such as Youth For Christ, Youth With A Mission, Heart To Heart Poland, Atlantic Bridge Holland, and the State Churches of Sweden, Denmark, and Holland. From 1991-2001 Eric performed in churches and colleges all over the United States, as well as sporadic tours in Europe. From 2001 to the 2015, Eric was the director of a unique outreach ministry in North Idaho called The Nuart Theater, as well as continuing to perform concerts in the Northwest, annual tours to Honduras, and occasional trips overseas. Eric is now, again, pursuing full-time music ministry. 

Audience's have enjoyed Eric's original acoustic music, buying over 30,000 of his albums at performances.  Eric E's music has been played on radio stations in the U.S., Holland and Denmark, and his albums have received glowing reviews in leading European Christian magazines. Eric has performed numerous times at Europe's largest Christian festivals (Flevo, Opstand, Maata Nakyvissa, Evankeliset Musiikkimessut,etc.) and also at The North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland, The Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, and Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Living in the North Idaho now with his wife, of 28yrs, Sylvia, and three sons, he still performs overseas, though for shorter tours. In recent years Eric has been performing primarily in the Northwestern states, doing concerts at many churches, colleges, and music spots. Eric has opened for artists such as Jay Leno, Styx, Little River Band, Bobby McFerrin, Air Supply, Dan Seals, DC Talk, Phil Keaggy, Bryan Duncan, Sanctus Real, The Afters, Susan Ashton, Randy Stonehill, Larry Norman, Daryl Mansfield, Larry Howard, Glenn Kaiser, Annie Herring, The Kry, etc. Eric's fourth CD, with WhiteStone Records of Los Angeles, "Lead Me To Life" was released internationally. The album of mostly original songs features special guests Phil Keaggy and John Patitucci of the Chick Corea Elektric Band. 

Eric E. sets a relaxed tone at his concerts, expressing himself openly and often humorously. He shares candidly his experiences as a follower of Christ, and the wisdom he has gained in striving to be obedient. Eric has honed his ability to read the needs and desires of his audiences and tailors each program accordingly with an instantly accessible repertoire of over 300 songs, Eric is equally effective communicating to Christian or non-Christian, young or old. He is especially known for church-sponsored concerts specifically intended to attract non-believers and present the Gospel to them in an intriguing way that is free from Christian-ese language that non-believers find cryptic-- and, in a way that leaves them wanting more, with an invitation to become a new attender at the sponsoring church. Eric E. is devoted, dedicated, professional, flexible and open to any opportunity to share his faith and music.

---- Eric's Testimony ----

The Lord God reveals Himself to us and seals us in faith in such a variety of ways. For myself, there was no sudden moment of realization, no specific date of conversion. Rather, a gradual dawning of the truth and lordship of Christ over a period of many years.                                                                                                          

I was raised a Lutheran with mid-western roots. Though, in some respects, I was hindered by a distant, traditional approach to God, I had instilled in me very early the great truths of God's identity, and what He has done for us. Church youth programs and concerts revealed to me the importance of a personal, daily walk with God, and Young Life lead me to make a firm commitment.  I don¹t thank God often enough for providing me such a blessed youth.

My lifelong struggle, though, has been taking the truths from my head and bringing them to life in my heart. I have gone through periods of rebellion, in many ways riding the fence, and God has taught me, through much pain and disillusionment, the difference between a true Christian and a person who knows the truth and chooses not to follow. This is the message that I feel I can expertly share with church audiences. Too many Christians are living passionless, impotent lives because walls of their own devising are separating them from intimacy with God.

Ultimately, I feel my most urgent task is introducing Christ to people who have never had a reasonable presentation of the Gospel. But God has been teaching me so much about Christian maturity that I will always make sure that I am communicatingedification and growth to Christian audiences as well as the Gospel to non-Christians. I enjoy being there when God chooses to glorify Himself!



       Eric is a masterful and versatile guitar player who deftly combines remarkable musical talent with a missions-minded zeal for the Lord.  I can commend Eric unequivocally and without hesitation: he is dedicated, professional, and reliable.  

        I have known Eric in a number of different contexts. In addition to attending church with him, I have, of course, seen him perform in front of audiences at a variety of venues.  He has an uncanny ability to connect with his audience and to draw them in. His genuine love for his audience is evident, and his ability to bless and entertain others with his musical skills is exceptional.  Moreover, we at NSA have had him speak and perform to the student body a number of times, and his teaching on the theology of music and ministry is both edifying and enlightening.  Again, he can inspire, entertain, and educate simultaneously.

        Eric has also been my guitar instructor. In this setting I have seen firsthand his love for God and the evident joy that ministering through music brings him. He is a talented, patient, and humble teacher. It is rare to find someone so skilled with so much genuine humility along with the ability to communicate his craft with a novice. His coaching and instruction have indeed inspired me. Eric has given me a much greater appreciation for music generally (including blues, jazz, rock, popular, country, etc.) and for the guitar in particular. It would be hard to overemphasize how much his guidance has helped me better understand music—and I have been an avid music fan since I was child. 

        Over the last couple of years, as I visit music stores across the region—including Spokane, Lewiston, and Moscow—I have been amazed at how many people in the music business know Eric and speak of him in superlative terms. He is known not only for his guitar prowess but also for his ability to sound like an entire band all on his own. One store owner said to me, “Eric’s the best at what he does.”

         Mitch Stokes, PhD., Senior Fellow Of Philosophy, New Saint Andrews College

"I have known Eric E for many years, and in many capacities. He has been a friend, a faithful member of our church, a fellow Logos school parent, dedicated evangelist and apologist, and more. But the reason I am writing is that Eric is one of the most accomplished musicians I have ever been privileged to know. His instrument of choice is the guitar, but if you saw my Hold Your Peace video, Eric was playing a mean harmonica there.
        If you were to book an event for the folks in your church, or an outreach event in your community, you will not be disappointed. He doesn't give pipe organ recitals, but beyond that, he is most versatile -- jazz, blues, pop, rock, country, and so on. He blends it all together in a very appealing presentation."

           -- Douglas Wilson, pastor & author, Christ Church, Moscow ID

        Our organization, Young Life, is a Christian group that has an evangelical outreach on the Washington State University Campus.  We have had Eric E. for two musical concerts in which we openly advertised for all interested students to attend. At each of the concerts we have had 200-250 students. They were enthusiastic and excited at Eric's presentation.
        Eric has a very unique way of presenting a concert. He can sing and play a variety of music from secular to sacred and solicits requests from the audience by year or title. He is extremely warm and open to the audience whereby the audience feels part of the concert. His talking between musical numbers is the best I have ever heard. He is interesting, uses analogies that are relevant to the audience, and very powerful in his theology. He is not offensive to nonbelievers in the audience; in fact, he is probably more accepted in what he says than most ministers. He is listened to, and the things he says are seriously considered.
        His music is top caliber. He has a very good, in fact, outstanding voice, and is very pleasant to listen to. I have never heard anything but praise about his singing. His own songs are great. His guitar playing is as good as anyone I've ever seen or heard. He is a master on the guitar. He could spellbind an audience with only an instrumental concert.
        At the end of his last concert at Washington State University, the audience spontaneously jumped to their feet and gave him a standing ovation. That said it all.
Sam Adams
WSU Acting Area Director Young Life

I've been listening to Eric perform since I was a college student in the 90's. He is a captivating performer. He is a masterful guitar player, with an incredible breadth to his collection of songs, from classic rock to jazz. He has an amazing ability to produce, as a single performer, all the sound that you would expect from a full band. He has a lively stage presence that is almost as entertaining as his music. And he has a deeply evangelical heart, that is fixed on serving God and declaring his goodness to the lost. I can't recommend him more highly.      -- Ben Merkle, President, New Saint Andrews College

Dear Eric,
          It was. a privilege to be able to have you share your ministry- with us several weeks ago. I really appreciated your graciousness before, during and after the concert as well an your genuine heart for people. I truly believe that even though our turn out was smaller then expected, God used the evening In a powerful way. One young woman in particular is seriously considering the claims of Christ because of the concert and several others were challenged by a number of things you had said to get their lives in closer agreement with God's word.
         Please accept the enclosed check as a small token of our appreciation for you making the trip over to this other mountain just for our concert. God has been gracious to our ministry and we certainly appreciate your sharing it, so please use this in what ever way best fits your ministry or family.
With Love and Gratitude,
Pastor Dan Miller, Grace Community Church

It is my pleasure to recommend Eric E to you! He has performed many concerts for our school, both at the school and at other locations for programs the school sponsored. At every event, the students were delighted by Eric's performances! He has a strong appeal to the kids and knows how to get them singing along, too. His strong faith and outstanding talent make Eric's concerts not only enjoyable, but uplifting. I would highly recommend him for almost any venue where people want great music that will leave them smiling and clapping!

                     -- Tom Garfield, Logos School Superintendent, Moscow, Idaho

         We had Eric Engerbretson as our guest speaker/singer at our Senior High Winter Retreat. Eric did a great job both in speaking and singing. God has exceptionally gifted Eric with musical ability that is matched by his transparent, loving heart. Our students latched on to him as if they had known him for years. He both encouraged and challenged them.
         He also was our special guest at one of our outreach events. He was well received by both Christian and non-Christian students. He immediately established rapport with the students through his great guitar playing, which is very contemporary, upbeat and at the same time very meaningful.
         Eric is very flexible and easy to work with. As a Youth Pastor it was a relief to know that I could relax and enjoy a professional, relevant and challenging presentation.

In Him,
John Schubert, Westside Baptist Church, Yakima WA


         I have been pleased to know about YFC's on-campus work here in Denmark the three years that I have lived here. Their reputation amongst religious leaders and secular educational authorities across the country continues to be first rate. That they are able to get into Danish schools nationwide; that they receive more invitations than they are able to schedule; and that they receive such favorable reviews from students and teachers alike is impressive. Noteworthy is their diligence, ingenuity, resourcefulness and dedication to the work at hand.
          I was therefore glad to hear that this good work has been carried on by Eric E. His renown preceded him. I'd beard about this musician who was able to play by memory and on request top ten songs for any year in the past century. When his name was mentioned in Christian circles, the response was inevitably that the face lit up, and the words fairly well bubbled out in praise of his talent. He seemed to be everybody's "good friend."
         With this as background, I had the chance to attend one of his concerts here in Copenhagen recently. Eric's considerable and broad music talent, which crosses both the years and a wide range of musical tastes, was immediately apparent. I was most impressed by his ability to relate to the audience. Eric deftly changed gears between the hard and the soft, Christian and secular, and got the audience to participate whole-heartedly, all the more credible because Danes are by nature one of the shyest nationalities on earth. He poured his heart into his singing. I was touched by Eric's love and concern for kids. Last but not least, I was also impressed by his warm and close relationship with his road manager.
Robert Fretz
American Consul to Denmark